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Juan Manuel

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General Information

Highly motivated in client service with experience in tourism as a touristic guide. Professional skills in speaking languages as English, Spanish, and French. Also experienced in teaching English to Spanish native children. Also, I worked for a long time in the coffee field as a barista, in different coffee shops in Quindio’s region.


2021-still on it
cornerstone international community college

hospitality management

cafeine coffee shop

basic barista based on production and industry of coffee.

Bachelor's Degree
University of Quindio

bachelor's dregree in modern languages with an emphasis on translation.

Work Experience

2018 - 2020
touristic guide
senderos of colombia

I worked there as a touristic guide showing to foreign people, nature, the culture, the architecture of the department of Quindío in English and French. Also, I guide foreign people over the Cocora´s valley located in Salento, Quindío. In this job, I improved my levels of French-speaking, and my social skills interacting with people from many countries. Finally, I also applied some teaching skills to give information to people. 

2019 - 2020
touristic guide
mi tierra tours

I worked there as a touristic guide, teaching to foreign people how is the coffee process since the plantation to the preparation, and identification of good coffee in English and French. Then, I learned there how to prepare coffee in different filtration methods. Then, I learned how to teach something to a non-native English speaker.  

2016 - 2017
opio cafe bar

i worked there as the only one chef, making unique recepies from the restaurant. 

2015 - 2020
touristic guide
turaco tours

I work there as a touristic guide also, the thing is that it was my first job, and there I learned how to be a touristic guide, I started there making coffee tours, teaching to foreigners everything into the coffee process. I learned there the client service, and I improved my social and narrative skills with people from other countries. 

2020 - 2020
cafeina coffee shop

 I worked as a barista, making coffee in espresso machine. preparations such as: standard espresso, lungo, ristretto, American, latte, cappuccinos, doppios. Also make preparations of brewing methods such as: Japanese siphon, V60, French press, Vandola, Chemex, Aeropress. On the other hand, make cold drink preparations such as: slushies, juices, milkshakes, lemonades, sodas. Finally, together with Julian, I helped him with machine handling training, short courses on coffee in general, and espresso preparation training. 


diplôme d'etudes en langue francaise DELF B2 (2020)

This is a certified french diploma, it says that my level of comunication in french is B2.

food safety certificate level 1 (2021)

learning skills about how to handle food.

system OPERA workshop (2021)

learning skills about how to make reservations with opera. 

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